We know that when one person enters into therapy, they do not exist in a vacuum. Each person lives in a system of friends, family, and other relationships which influence their individual challenges and needs in many ways.
While we work hard to maintain individual access to and privacy in therapeutic services, we can also offer a team approach to family care. While one therapist at FBHN may work with a child, another may work with that child’s parent to address family or individual needs.
photo of a couple laughing with therapist
photo of sand therapy heart
At FBHN we seek to bring in self motivated therapists who are actively involved in providing feedback informed treatment. We ask our clients to share how their experience is going, and invite them to actively contribute to the therapeutic process by giving us their feedback on ways we can improve or tailor their personal experience in therapy to the optimal approach. Sometimes that means changing a therapist, and with a whole team of great providers to choose from we are committed to helping you find the right therapist for you.
Our team members offer a variety of unique services including, music therapy, trauma informed yoga, acceptance and commitment therapy, family systems, solutions focused, interactive play and many other creative arts therapy interventions.